Monday, February 22, 2010

Those little things

Now that my daughter is growing up, I can't help but wonder how to teach her things the right way. I hope and pray everyday that God will give me the strengh to say no when it needs to be said and yes at the right times.I know that she will be a good person because she has the kindess heart. She will kiss your booboos and will always ask if your ok when you are crying. I just love that about her. She is always willing to give you hugs and kisses even when you don't ask. I thank God everyday that she is healthy and that he gave me such a great daughter. I love all the little things that she says and does. She learned so quickly how to love and be polite. I don't worry so much about what type of person she will be, but rather that I can teach her the right path to take. I love her so much and I know that I will love her as much today and everyday from now until the end of time. I know that things will be tough sometimes but we will always get trough it together in the fun times and the bad times. I just remember that there is always going to be this little girl that needs me, and I will be with her always!

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